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Last night a friend slept over

Apr. 25th, 2011 | 07:11 pm
broadcasting from: Here in my room
feeling: contentcontent
listening to: Pharoahe Monch - Evolve

It was fun. We chatted and caught up since we hadn't seen each other in 4 months, drank some beers and watched a movie and she asked if she could spend the night. Of course I said yes and set up the futon for her and as we were going to bed she asked if I was going to sleep all by myself on the bed, so I said okay cool I'll sleep on the futon with you then. This wasn't anything sexual or anything like that, I think she just didn't want to sleep alone. She and I aren't and have never been like that with each other and she has a boyfriend whom I know so I wouldn't anyway, but yeah there was no touching at all or anything, we just slept next to each other..
And it was really nice. I hadn't done that in a long time so it was really nice just to sleep with another warm body next to me again

My point of going into all of this though is that I do really wish it had been somebody else who was unattached and could snuggle a bit as we slept but oh well :/

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Been a minute

Apr. 17th, 2011 | 03:04 am
broadcasting from: here in my room
feeling: calmcalm
listening to: none at the moment

 So it's been some time since I've last logged in. Mostly because I switched browsers and lagged on adding LJ to my bookmark bar here and saving my password (since I always forget that shit). I'm still working. Gardening. Going to a permaculture class on Wednesdays and working till 10pm after that.

I went to Paid Dues a couple of weeks ago. That was pretty cool though admittedly not as cool as I hoped. Immortal Technique was the best part. I actually had more fun seeing Murs at a local show the next weekend (last weekend) but also I fucked up my throat at that show and managed to get sick so I've been fucked up for about a week now, doing better though. The cough is almost gone.

I made a pretty cool new online friend from Australia through Tumblr. Figures though that the next girl I meet who thinks I"m amazing happens to live like 8,000 fucking miles away, haha.

I'm doing alright though I guess. A little lonely but whatever.

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Moving right along

Mar. 6th, 2011 | 01:55 am
broadcasting from: fresh out' the shower
feeling: naked
listening to: Kid Cudi

Feels so good to not be doing jury duty anymore. It was kinda interesting but mainly a big fat pile of SUCK. lol
Feels better to be back to attending my Permaculture class. I rock that shit and I'm also stoked on the whole permaculture thing again because I finally picked up the Permaculture Bible (aka “Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual”) by the co-originator of Permaculture himself, Bill Mollison. It cost me over 100 fucking dollhairs and it’s not something most people can just sit down and read cover to cover. It’s taken some people over a year to get through it all because it's just so jam packed with info that you have to read it in chunks unless you're some kind of machine. But it’s pretty much essential if you’re serious about permaculture, which I am, so I got it finally. I probably won’t start reading it for at least a few months because I’ve got a lot of other good books to read first but I’m stoked to finally own this book

I also finally bought a cool ass funky old chair to sit and read in! COOL STORY BEHIND THE CHAIR!
I found it on craigslist for 150$ on craigslist which is apparently good because a nice vintage chair like this can sometimes cost like 400 bucks. Anyway, my friend drove out from Carpinteria with his sisters suburban to help me pick it up since it probably wouldn't have fit in my little corolla and we had to hop the fence into the gated apartment complex because the guy wasnt picking up his hone when I got there, knocked, chit-chatted, paid, took the chair, got some bomb mexican food on the way home, and when we get it home my mom sees it and TRIPS THE FUCK OUT! lol. She says she's getting WEIRD VIBES from it and isn't sure whether they're good or bad so just to be on the safe side she pulls out her super bloody crucifix and some holy-water she had in a little water bottle and mutters some prayer over the chair and splashes holy water on it... all in front of my friend who is like "What. The. Fuck" lol.
So far the chair hasn't tried to eat me or rape me in my sleep so either she expelled the demons from it, or it wasn't haunted or possessed in the first place. I like to imagine the former. ;)
Demon Chair
So yeah I've got a phat stack of permaculture books and a comfy chair to read them on.

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The Magic Castle

Feb. 5th, 2011 | 09:12 pm
broadcasting from: Here in my room
feeling: tiredtired
listening to: Red Hot Chili Peppers

So I went to the Magic Castle in Hollywood last night for my friends' 3-year anniversary of them dating. They got a whole group (8 of us total) together and had dinner(sushi) and went to the Magic Castle

It's a super exclusive club that not anybody can just go to. You have to know somebody who is either a member who payed a ton of money for membership, or somebody who is a magician can get you in. Lucky for us, my friends' friend is a magician!

It was fuckin awesome! We saw 5 and a half magic acts and a lot of really cool tricks.

My favorite though was this old man, I'm talking so old he was a remnant from the Sinatra era. In fact he kept taking swigs of his Jack Daniels whiskey and toasting "Here's to Frank, helluva guy!" His tricks were very no-bullshit, nothing super flashy, just card tricks but they were VERY good. VERY impressive just in the fact that it looked like he was being very open and it was basically impossible to figure out how he was pulling his tricks off. Even our magician friend didn't know how he did some of this stuff. This guy was a master of his craft since he'd been doing it for so long, The guy had such an awesome personality too which is probably the biggest reason I liked him better than some of the other shows with more flashiness.

OH also they have a dress-code so I had to wear a suit-jacket and tie and nice pants and shoes, as does every guy. (I heard they've even denied celebrities entrance if they refused to adhere to the dress-code.) Girls had to look formal and classy in a dress. This made for a nice atmosphere and everybody looked really good, haha. Only bad thing was how expensive the fucking drinks were. 8 dollars for a friggin beer man, so ridiculous. Oh and also the sushi we had before was good, but certainly not the best I've had. The super fucking smoking hot Japanese waitresses made up for it though. I love Asian girls. I love ALL girls actually but, yeah... haha :D

Anyway I had a great time and I hope I can go back there again some time!

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Wood Chipper Day

Feb. 5th, 2011 | 08:57 pm
broadcasting from: Here in my room
feeling: tiredtired
listening to: Tom Waits

Today was kinda fun, lots of hard work but fun.

I rented a wood chipper to turn a tree and some bushes into mulch. I've spent the last week getting all the materials ready and then it turned out it didn't' matter that I'd neatly stacked everything in my backyard because I couldn't drive the chipper into the backyard.

So I had to carry everything up to the gate. Luckily my dad was there to help me.
We couldn't get the damn thing started going in the right direction at first but eventually we got it working correctly and away we went chipping stuff until BAD TIMES the damn thing got jammed and started smoking and spewing wood chips out of the cracks in the MIDDLE of it, instead of the spout they're supposed to come out from. After a while of messing with it we realized that it was clogged from too much small wet stuff being inside and fixed it.

It was a lot of fun seeing all that stuff disappear and turn into mulch but it didn't last long enough. It did it's job so fast that there we only ended up using it for about 1.5hrs, but that was okay because if we went over 3hrs they would have charged more.

Anyway I spent the entire day doing that and generally cleaning up the yard, starting to get it prepared for me to start planting stuff in the spring.

I'm going to try to grow some vegetables and of herbs Should be pretty awesome :)

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Tattoo Ideas

Jan. 19th, 2011 | 09:02 pm
broadcasting from: Ventura, CA
feeling: confusedperplexed
listening to: Little Boxes - Malvina Reynolds

I'm considering getting a couple tattoos (don't have ANY currently) this year.

Idea #1
For the first idea, I want to get an ant, just a small one, right in the middle of my my right forearm. Not even big enough to see detail, just a little black shape of one.

I want this small because it's only meant as a reminder to me, not to be flashy or anything, as a reminder of a story that symbolizes somewhat of my mentality.

I don't think the story has a real name but it's commonly known as "The Story of the Ant and the Grasshopper"

The ant and the grasshopper were best of friends. They played together all the time and had tons of fun in the sun. As the months wore on the ant knew that winter would soon be coming so he started preparring, building a home for himself, storing food. The grasshopper didn't understand what the ant knew and told him "Come and play it's beautiful out, it will always be sunny" but the ant refused and urged his friend to prepare for the coming winter as well. The grasshopper didn't listen. The winter came and while the ant was safe in his little home with all his food he had stored, the grasshopper outside became cold, and all the plants died and he had nothing to eat and eventually, he died.

There's a toned down newer version where the ant helps the grasshopper and shares with him and saves him but that's bullshit, in the original story the grasshopper dies and it's meant to teach children that you need to work and be smart sometimes. There is a time to be carefree but there are other times to get down to business and take care of the things you need to take care of.

This is symbolic to me because I am a prepper. I like to be prepared for whatever is coming because I look at what's happening in the world, mostly with the economy, and I believe things could very likely get worse so I want to be financially prepared to deal with that and reduce my need for money and grow my own food and just be as self-sufficient as possible.

So this little tattoo would be a reminder to me to "Be the Ant." Every time I almost make an impulse-buy, pulling out my wallet with my right hand, I should see the tattoo and be reminded to save and store for the future because it may not always be as sunny as it is today. I should ask myself if this is one of those sunny times that I can spend a little and have fun, or should I be a little wiser about how I use my current resources in case I need them later. And even if nothing ever happens, I'll be that much better off for my efforts and have that much more when I'm older.

Idea #2
The second one I want to get is a sentence which is the "Prime Directive" of Permaculture. Permaculture is a combination of the words "permanent" and "agriculture" but it encompasses so much more than that. It really is a "system of solutions" for life which I really like and hope to live up to. The Prime directive is the singe most guiding principle under which everything else should fall if you are someone who follows the ethics and principles of permaculture.

The prime directive states this:

The only ethical decision
 is to take responsibility
 for our own existence
 and that of our children.

I'm thinking of getting it spread across my upper left arm below the shoulder broken up into 3 or 4 lines like that, but probably 4 because I like the way the separate pieces break up, like if you were to pause at each line it would sound pretty good.

That means that everything we do should be to make sure we are responsible for everything we do, and to be responsible for our children including making sure we treat the earth right and use sustainable systems which will leave our children a better world. For every right, there is a responsibility. That's part of the duality of nature. Just as we have a right to free speech, we have a responsibility to be sensitive and mind what we say. Just as we have a right to bear arms, we have a responsibility to do so safely. And just as we have a right to live, we have a responsibility to live well, to not take more than we give back to the world, and to leave a better future for the following generations, not a worse one.

For ANY question of ethics we have, for everything we do, we should ask ourselves if what we're doing it good and responsible to the earth around us, to ourselves and our fellow individuals, and if we're reinvesting what we have to leave to our children. That includes everything from agriculture, to wealth, to science and general knowledge. It can be applied to anything in some form or another.

That something I really believe in and I hope to use the prime directive in my life, especially because I plant to become eventually become somewhat of an expert on permaculture, I may as well have the prime directive permanently marked on my arm right?

Anyway I'm thinking of getting that in a bold Courrier (typewriter-ish) style font. Somebody suggested it in a script (curly cursive script) style but I don't think that's what I want.

Anyway I need to check out some tattoo shops around town, or ask people who live around here, to find out where I want to get it done, and also find out how much these will cost.

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Jan. 16th, 2011 | 05:49 pm
broadcasting from: Ventura, CA
feeling: accomplishedaccomplished
listening to: hip-hop

I took a trip to San Francisco to visit my friend Frances last weekend, and to just experience San Francisco as an adult since I haven't been there since I was like 10.
I had a blast and I documented the trip but I still need to finish the story and edit it up a bit before I can post it.
Hopefully I'll get to it soon but I've been trying to make an effort to spend more time reading and sometimes I also get addicted to practicing my harmonica... especially when I really should be sleeping, lol.

Also, today, I did a shit load of destroying plants in my backyard.
That was fun.
Now it's becoming compost...
decomposing organic matter makes me hot :P hahahaha.

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